Having a little bit of help on competition day helps you put focus where it needs to be and leave the rest behind.  Together, we will set a time plan for the day, walk the course(s), and make a ride plan.  You will be fully supported with coaching through the warm-up and any last minute support until you enter the show ring or start box.  Post-ride, we will discuss successes and opportunities to inform future ride plans.  We will incorporate mental preparations as well as physical to set you up for successful rides on your important day.

Pre-competition planning

Once you know your ride times, we will make a plan for the day.  The plan will include the usual timing of activities but also mental preparations to get you “in the zone” and to deal with any anticipated nerves.  We will review equipment to use at the competition and make a list of supplies you will need, including keeping you hydrated and energized.

Day of Competition

We will execute the plan for the day together.  This will include verifying or tracking ride times, and walking the course.  Sometimes things just don’t go as planned and you need an extra set of hands to hold a horse, run to the office, or just make sure you are on track to plan.  This is all part of Day of Competition support.   Coaching will include setting up jumps in the warm up, focusing your warm up exercises to achieve the best results possible, and helping you with mental focus and dealing with nerves in the competition environment.

Location Familiarization
Course Analysis
Tacking Up
Competition Environment
Warmed Up
Reviewing Ride Plan
On Course
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