It’s not just about you, the horse, and the time in the saddle.  We all need a support team.  Farrier, vet, coach or trainer, family and friends.  Chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, masseuse can all make a difference, though hopefully you don’t need them all!  Together we will evaluate your needs and your horse’s needs against your goals to come up with a comprehensive program that fits.  It takes time and effort to manage yourself, your horse, and your program.  And because we all have limitations, working out a program that suits your schedule, your goals, and your horse’s needs or limitations is a critical element of riding and training.

Program assessment

We’ll start with a history of you, your horse, recent competitions and results in terms of did you achieve what you intended.  Next, we’ll discuss your current ride schedule and time limitations to help inform what is possible in terms of investing time in your goals.  

Goal setting

Your goals are what drives the program.  Starting with a long term (3 year goal), we will break it down into sub-goals on annual, seasonal, monthly, and weekly basis that lead up to your long term goal.  If 3 years seems too far away, we can work on goals around a shorter timeframe, say an upcoming competition season.

Output – Defining your program

With inputs from Program Assessment and Goal Setting, we will define a program that includes a weekly ride schedule and proposed competitions.  Included will be farrier schedules, timeframe of vet checkups, shot, and worming, recommended supplements (if any), and recommended timing of any adjunct therapy (acupuncture, massage, etc).

We will review the program regularly and make changes as necessary in response to training progression and/or needs of you or your horse.

Program: ride plan
Farrier & Shoeing
Exercises: Balance
Horse Welfare
Hacking Out
Overall Program
Course Analysis
Dressage & Flatwork


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