The value of good...and basic...shoeing

Obie currently wears bar shoes. After an injury last year, we experienced a series of issues that ended with her in bar shoes and pads. We were able to lose the pads a few months back, but she's not quite at a place where we can move away from the bar shoes. Obie is still in "ramp up" mode into more and harder work. Thus, despite my eagerness to get away from shoes that are easily pulled off when Obie decides to run around the field, the farrier and I agree that we need to stay the course for now.

But the goal is, and always should be, to get back to a basic shoe if and when you can. Feet take time to grow out. Sure, you have to do what you have to do during that transiiton time. But a horse that is in bar shoes with pads may not need to be in them forever. Continue to evaluate your horse and your program for that opportunity to get back to basics.

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